The Restaurant

The newest edition to the Franschhoek scene is a restaurant really and truly for Franschhoek. Both in concept and in name, the aptly named “Le coin Français” , which literally means Franschhoek, will embody the essence of the valley in heritage, cuisine, art and wine. It will feature cutting edge methods meeting time tested French elegance in cuisine, a carefully selected locally themed wine list to showcase the best local wines, a French sommeliers selection, and an ever evolving collaboration of art in the theme of photography.


The Chef

Multiple award winning Chef de cuisine and owner, Darren Badenhorst (previously executive chef of The Restaurant at Grande Provence) will take diners on a journey through his interpretations of nostalgic food memories encompassing “art on a plate” and leading them through a unique culinary exploration of flavours, textures and interactive creations.

Lunch Menu

Please​​ note​​ that​​ the​​ menu​​ is​​ structured​​ as​​ a​​ three​​ course​​ dining​​ experience. ​​Should​​ you​​ however​​ wish​​ to ​​only have​​ two ​​courses, ​​please​​ feel​​ free​​ to​​ select​​ from​​ our​​ sides​​ to​​ accompany​​ your​​ main​​ course.


“Bacon​​ and​​ eggs”​​, poached​ ​organic​ ​duck​ ​egg​ ​and​ ​creamed​ ​yolk​ espuma,​ ​12​ ​hour​ ​confit​ ​acorn​ ​fed​ ​pork​ ​belly, pickled​ ​shemeji​ ​mushrooms, ​ ​cep​ ​dusted​ ​pork​ ​crackling​



King​ ​oyster​ ​mushroom, ​wild​ ​garlic​ ​and​ ​Comt​é ​velouté, vineyard​ ​foraged​ ​mustard​ ​pickle, ​ ​sweet​ ​potato fondant, ​ ​pine​ ​ring​ ​dust, ​forest greens​ ​(V)​



Butter​ ​poached​ ​and​ ​BBQ​ ​north​ ​coast​ ​langoustine, aerated​ ​Boerenkaas​ ​and​ ​west​ ​coast​ ​snoek​ ​brandad​ ​velouté, wild​ ​vineyard​ ​pea​ ​shoots, garden​ ​pea​ ​and​ ​guanciale​​ ​risotto​ ​



Ruby​ ​cured​ ​sea​ ​bass​ ​ceviche, ​elements​ ​of​ ​citrus, ​aïoli​ ​1,2​ ​&​ ​3, ​ ​fermented​ ​black​ ​garlic​, ​wild​ ​sorrel​



Poached​ ​and​ ​fried​ ​buttermilk​ ​cured​ ​lamb​ ​sweetbreads, ​textures​ ​of​ ​vanilla​ ​and​ ​parsnip, ​spiced​ ​sultana​ ​gel, burnt​ ​onion, ​bone​ ​marrow​ ​jus gras​ ​



Charred​ ​beef​ ​fillet, ​ ​turmeric​ ​pickled​ ​mustard,​ ​umami​ ​and​ ​indo​ ​soy​ ​glaze,​ ​wild​ ​mushroom​ ​ragout, lamb​ ​fat​ ​confit​ ​Hassel back​ ​potato, elements​ ​of​ ​BBQ,​ ​caramelized​ ​onion​ ​soubise,​ ​horseradish​ ​Gribiche​



18​ ​hour​ ​confit​ ​Karoo​ ​lamb​ ​neck,​ ​mountain​ ​nettle​ ​and​ ​river​ ​cres​ ​puree,​ ​edamame,​ ​Brussel sprout​ ​and​ ​baby​ ​onion​ ​cups, brûlée​ ​butternut​ ​spheres,​ ​lamb​ ​and​ ​wagyu​ ​jus​



Charred​ ​baby​ ​leeks,​ ​grilled​ ​asparagus,​ creamed  ​wild spinach risotto,​ ​walnut​ ​and​ ​sesame​ ​oil​ ​emulsion,​ ​textures​ ​of​ ​baby root​ ​vegetables (V)​ ​



Baked​ ​local​ ​hake, ​ dill viennoise​ ​garlic​ ​and​ ​parsley​ ​stalk​ ​confit,​ ​aerated​ ​and​ ​nest​ ​pommes variations, ​ ​wild​ ​sorrel​ ​and​ braised ​baby​ ​fennel​ ​



Slippery​ ​jack​ ​and​ ​leek​ ​ash​ ​aged​ ​dusted​ ​venison​ ​loin, ​ ​portobellini​ ​and​ ​candy​ ​stripe​ ​beet​ ​carpaccio, ​ ​carrot​ ​and cardamom, ​ ​dehydrated leeks, ​ ​miso​ ​marmalade​ ​​



Baked​ ​cauliflower​ ​gratin, ​ ​slivered​ ​almond​ ​crunch, ​ ​Fourme​ ​d’Ambert​ ​moray,​ ​grana​ ​shavings​ ​- R65

Pomme​ ​purée​ ​and​ ​with​ ​shaved​ ​seasonal​ ​truffle​ – ​R65

Garden​ ​green​ ​salad, fynbos vinaigrette ​- ​R55


Vanilla​ ​and​ ​caramelized​ ​banana​ ​parfait, ​ ​genoise sponge, ​ ​Tonka​ ​and​ ​peanut​ ​caramel, ​ ​almond​ ​white​ ​choc feuilletine,​ ​caramel​ ​popcorn



“Tribute​ ​to​ ​local​ ​honey” ​- ​bavarois, ​​molten​ ​glaze, bee​ ​pollen, ​ ​raw comb, ​ ​burnt meringue, ​ ​rose​ ​caviar​



Parisian​ ​apple​ ​puffs, local​ ​apricot​ ​gel, ​ ​spiced​ ​yoghurt​ ​semifreddo,​ ​almonds​ ​and​ ​basil,​ ​cinnamon​ ​molasses​


Dinner Menu

6 course tasting menu R595/R995 with wine pairing

8 course chefs journey menu R795/R1195 with wine pairing


“Bacon and eggs” , poached organic duck egg and creamed yolk espuma, 12 hour confit acorn fed pork belly, pickled shemeji mushrooms, cep dusted pork crackling

Haut Espoir Cloud Fall


King oyster mushroom, wild garlic and Comté velouté, vineyard foraged mustard pickle, sweet potato fondant, pine ring dust, forest greens (V)

Grande Provence Chenin Blanc/Viognier

Chefs taster

Butter poached and BBQ north coast langoustine, aerated Boerenkaas and west coast snoek brandad velouté, wild vineyard pea shoots, garden pea and guanciale risotto

Elevation Vineyards Trig Beacon Pinot Noir


Ruby cured sea bass ceviche, elements of citrus, aïoli 1,2 & 3, fermented black garlic, wild sorrel

Jean Daneel, Director’s Reserve Signature Blanc Fumé

Palate cleanser

18 hour confit Karoo lamb neck, mountain nettle and river cres puree, edamame, Brussel sprout and baby onion cups, brûlée butternut spheres, lamb and wagyu jus

La Motte Pierneef Syrah/Viognier


Baked local hake, dill viennoise with garlic and parsley stalk confit, aerated and nest pommes variations, wild sorrel and braised baby fennel

Glenwood Unwooded Chardonnay


“Tribute to local honey” – Bavarois, molten glaze, bee pollen, raw comb, burnt meringue, rose caviar, flowers used in pollination

Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur


Parisian apple puffs, local apricot gel, spiced yoghurt semifreddo, almonds and basil, cinnamon molasses

Grande Provence Muscat d’Alexandrie


Wednesday – Sunday

12 – 14:30


Tuesday – Saturday

19 – 20:30

Booking is essential




074 126 0022


17 Huguenot Rd, Franschhoek, 7690


* Please note that children from age 12 and up are welcome to join for dinner and are permitted to enjoy the tasting menus offered, all ages are welcome for lunch.